How to skin a deer

The deer we have in the lower mainland, okanagan area and all over BC are very tasty and a fun hunt with friends.  We process deer for $75 and can process your deer and have lots of options in terms sausages, cuts etc.  We require that all deer are skinned prior to coming to our shop.  If your unable to do so yourself please call us to make possible arrangements.

Otherwise, here are some tips on the best way to go about skinning your deer in the field.

Hang the deer by the head or neck. Avoid cutting through the hide to the hair. Avoid cutting through the skin over the tarsal glands. Avoid contaminating meat, hands and knives with dirt and dried urine found on the lower legs of rutting bucks. Begin by cutting through the skin around the neck, close to the head. Cut outward with the knife so you do not cut through the hair. It is best to remove as much of the hide as possible by pulling. Use the knife only in tight spots. Some hunters use a weight, winch or vehicle to pull most of the hide from the carcass. Insert a ball or rock in a fold in the neck skin and attach to a rope (it is best not to use this technique if the deer has been shot in the neck). Lower legs should be cut off at the knee joints. Wash the carcass with cold water and allow it to dry. Remove any hair that remains. 


Here is a video on how to best skin a deer in the field: